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As early as next week, Utah Senator Orrin Hatch and Representative John Curtis could introduce legislation for the San Rafael Swell and portions of Labyrinth and Desolation Canyons.

While we haven’t yet seen a final version of the bill, our review of previous drafts and recent communication with the delegation make us very concerned that this bill could significantly undercut these remarkable landscapes.

So far, the Utah delegation has refused to compromise on a one-sided wilderness proposal drummed up by local politicians -- a proposal that omits Wilderness designation for more than one million acres that deserve protection.

And from the maps we’ve seen, the boundaries of what would be designated as Wilderness are absurd. For example:

  • Only one side of Labyrinth Canyon would be protected, and the portion that is designated is pitifully small.  

  • The largest intact wilderness in the Swell -- Muddy Creek -- would be chopped down in size by cutting it up with off-road vehicle routes.

  • None of the western Swell Badlands -- Molen Reef, Upper Muddy Creek, Cedar Mountain and similar places -- would be given any protection at all.   

  • WSAs would be released in the Sids Mountain region to ensure that off-road vehicle use in those canyons would be perpetuated.   

Muddy Creek, Emery Co. UT, photo by Ray Bloxham

While the main failure of this bill would be the lack of protection for the Swell’s iconic wilderness landscapes, we’re also concerned that the bill could include other poison pills:  

  • Control of the southern San Rafael Reef -- including areas such as Chute and Crack Canyons -- could be handed over to the State of Utah, which would then charge us for visiting what were formally our lands, with proceeds given to the state or Emery County.

  • The bill may allow Utah politicians to continue their litigation against the United States to force off-road vehicles trails into the same lands designated as Wilderness by the bill.

  • The bill could undo a protected WSA to allow for coal mining.

From what we’ve seen, there is little or no conservation gain in this bill.  In fact, this bill wouldn’t close a single off-road vehicle route.  No lands that are threatened by leasing would be closed to leasing. We understand that part of the intention of the bill is, in fact, to prevent future conservation gains.  

If the legislation turns out as bad as we fear, then with your support we’ll work to either block it, or work to improve it so that it’s legislation worthy of places like Labyrinth Canyon, Muddy Creek and the San Rafael Swell Badlands.

We’ve seen the Utah congressional delegation do this over a dozen times before: pursuing legislation for a handful of rural politicians, while ignoring the views of all other Utahns -- let alone the American people who all share ownership of these lands.    

We may know as soon as next week if this is just déjà vu all over again.   

Stay tuned.

Scott Groene

Executive Director

Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance

Scott Groene

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