Visions of the Land
A model for an interfaith dialogue on wilderness

On June 28th, 2007 SUWA co-hosted a dialogue on wilderness with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Staff from the church’s Utah Community Relations Department provided space for our meeting in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and dinner for those in attendance.  SUWA was responsible for organizing the facilitation of the meeting and inviting people to attend.  >>Click here to view the invitation.

Twenty-five people from a variety of faith backgrounds, and some with no faith background, participated in the 2 hour dialogue, which was patterned after the “Conversation Café” model.  Two people from different faith perspectives facilitated the meeting (they are both experts in facilitation, but this is absolutely necessary for hosting a dialogue). >>Click here to view the design for the meeting.

The last portion of the meeting was spent “harvesting” themes from the conversation and thinking a little bit about next steps. We’ve learned it is important to flow with the interests of the dialogue group, so action results when people are ready and comfortable with it.  >>Click here to view the “harvest” document.

Serendipitously (one of the participants happened to be talking to a reporter after the event) the dialogue ended up being profiled in a newspaper story on faith and the environment.  >>Click here to view the article.


Utah Interfaith Gathering
People of diverse religious backgrounds discuss the value  of
wilderness at an interfaith meeting in Salt Lake City.