What You Can Do to Help Implement
the Action of Immediate Witness in Support of
Utah’s Red Rock Wilderness Act

The AIW in Support of America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act passed by the 2009 General Assembly of the Unitarian Univeralists urges congregations and their members to:

  • Call for passage of America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act (S799/HR1925), or other legislation to protect Utah’s spectacular and irreplaceable wild lands, by writing or visiting their senators and representatives seeking their support;

  • Call for the Department of Interior, through the Bureau of Land Management, to establish administrative protections for Utah’s wild lands from off-road vehicle abuse, road development, and oil/gas, oil shale and tar sands development by participating in the BLM's public comment process, and

  • Educate themselves and other about the environmental and spiritual importance of protecting Utah’s wild lands.

This resolution creates an amazing opportunity to influence the future of Utah’s precious wild lands.  Below are some actions individuals or congregations can take to help implement the AIW:

  • Show “Wild Utah! America’s Red Rock Wilderness,” a 22-minute-long DVD slideshow that portrays the beauty and vulnerability of Utah’s redrock country through breathtaking photography, personal interviews and compelling narration by Robert Redford.

  • Host a dialogue that invites members to share their own thoughts about “how wilderness is important to me personally.”

  • Write postcards to your U.S. Senators and Representatives asking them to be (or thanking them for being) a co-sponsor of America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act (and maybe sharing why wild places are important to you spiritually).  Click here for a list of current co-sponsors

  • Invite people to sign up to receive periodic action alerts from the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance.

  • Create a link on your congregation's website to SUWA’s web page about the Unitarian’s 2009 Action of Immediate Witness in Support of Utah’s Red Rock Wilderness”

  • Send a letter from your congregation to your Senators and Representatives asking them to become co-sponsors of America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act.  Be sure to send a copy to SUWA at 425 East 100 South, SLC, UT 84111.  We are pleased to help you draft a letter.

SUWA’s grassroots staff may be available to help you host an event.  If you live in the East, contact jackie@suwa.org; if you live in the Midwest contact clayton@suwa.org; and if you live in the West, contact barbara@suwa.org.  We also would be happy to provide you with a copy of the DVD slideshow as well as other material.

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